Privacy Policy

At Budget Family Breaks, we treat your privacy with the greatest respect. We are deeply committed to following our privacy policy, which is designed to give you confidence and peace of mind when booking with us.

What personal information do we ask for?

When making a booking, we will ask you for your name, telephone number, address and email address. We will also ask you for your credit or debit card details (card number, cardholder name, expiry date and card security code) in order to take payment and confirm your booking. We may also ask you for the start date and issue number if you are paying by debit card.

If you are unsuccessful in your purchase and have entered your contact information on the payment page, we may contact you via email or telephone to see if we can help complete your booking.

How does Budget Family Breaks use this information?

  • We use your name to confirm who the booking is for with the Theme Park and your hotel.
  • We use your credit / debit card details to collect the payment for your booking.
  • We use your name and address to verify that the credit / debit card you are using belongs to you.
  • We use your address if we need to write to you about your booking before your stay.
  • We may use your email address or telephone number incase we need to contact you urgently about your booking, or if you are having trouble completing your booking online.
  • We may pass your telephone number over to one of our service providers (e.g. your hotel) so that they can contact you should they need to.
  • We might use your personal information to let you know about special offers or promotions we think would interest you.
  • We may also use your IP (Internet Protocol) address to diagnose any problems that may occur with our server and to administer the website. We monitor website visitor traffic patterns and usage to help us improve the Budget Family Breaks site.

How does Budget Family Breaks protect customer information?

All customer information is protected by a secure server. The secure server software SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protects your information by encrypting it before it is sent to us. The information is only de-encrypted once it has reached our server. You can tell the Budget Family Breaks website is secure as a small padlock icon will appear in your address bar to show that it is safe to send card details through our site. Our secure pages will not display a security alert, and we also have a Firewall (security software) to protect our internal information.

Does the Budget Family Breaks site use cookies?

How do we use cookies?

Budget Family Breaks uses temporary cookies. Cookies are small text files stored on your device which we use to identify you in a coded form (not using your personal information) to enhance your experience on our website.

Can we use them?

We require your permission to use cookies and we take your continued use of our site as permission. You are able to delete and block all cookies from our site in your browser settings, however this will affect the functionality and access to parts of the website.

Cookies for web metrics

We use a number of web analytic tools which provide us with information about how people use the website. These tools use cookies to gather data including how often people visit the site, which pages they view, and how long they stay on the site. We use this information to improve our website.

Cookies from social networks

To make it easy for you to share our content on social media, we include include social 'plugins' which may use cookies. We can't read their cookies and they can't read ours. The cookies they use allow them to monitor use of the plugin and to know whether you're logged in. For example, if you're logged in to your Facebook account and read a post on the Budget Family Breaks website and want to leave a comment, you can do so without having to log into Facebook again. We aren't able to see if you're logged in as you communicate with Facebook through their plugins on our website.

Cookies for content

If we include content from other websites such as YouTube, these websites may use cookies to track how people are using their site.

Personal interaction cookies

If you fill out a form on our website we may use cookies to automatically fill these details if you were to browse around the site. We may also use cookies if you have provided your email address (and opted to receive emails from us) so the next time you visit we can automatically complete your email address to prevent you from having to input your details again.

Third party cookies

We use cookies to track user journeys to make sure we can respond to feedback requests. These third party sites cannot read our cookies and we cannot read theirs.

Cookies for logging in

We use cookies to identify and track bookings via made by travel agents that work with us when they log in to our booking system.

More information about cookies

To find out more detailed information about cookies, please visit

Contact us

If you have any comments or queries about the use of cookies on the Budget Family Breaks website please contact:

Customer Care Department,
Apple Barn,
TN25 6SS

Will Budget Family Breaks disclose personal information to third parties?

Budget Family Breaks only discloses your name and booking details to suppliers (e.g. your hotel) for operational purposes. We do not pass on your details to other companies for marketing purposes. We don't disclose your credit / debit card details unless we believe in good faith that it is required by law.

Will Budget Family Breaks use the information I give for direct marketing?

When you make a booking you are automatically added to our database, however you can unsubscribe at any time. We will only send you details of products sold on Budget Family Breaks. If you choose to opt out of receiving emails from us, you will still receive transactional emails relating to your booking and important notifications that may be beneficial (e.g. if severe weather means the Theme Park is closed).